Why Give?

Build a Better Student-Athlete
Equip them with everything they need to excel in their sport, and develop each as a total person excelling in academics and in life.
Putting us in position to recruit the special type of student-athlete that can excel both athletically and academically.
Being true to the great tradition of athletics excellence at Georgia Tech by competing for ACC and national championships.

The success of current and alumni student-athletes sets Georgia Tech apart from other academic and athletic programs.

The tradition of athletic excellence has long been a source of pride and passion at Georgia Tech, and your support is essential to continue providing scholarships for student-athletes excelling in the classroom, competition, and in life.


Leave a Legacy

The power of permanent endowment comes from the long-term growth of assets. An endowed gift is invested and the interest generated is used which allows for the donation to have an impact over a longer period than if it were all spent at once and has the opportunity to benefit many Georgia Tech student-athletes.  Named recognition opportunities are available by giving to an endowment fund at a designated level, allowing you and/or a loved one to leave a lasting legacy of support. Commitments in honor or memory of a loved one, classmate, friend, or faculty member serve as a permanent reminder of the impact of the honorees.  You may direct your endowment for unrestricted use or reserve it for individual preferences, such as a particular sport. 


Provide Annual Support

Endowment distributions cover 1/3 of the annual scholarship costs for Tech's 370 student-athletes. Annual gifts to the A-T Fund provides immediate funding and creates a community for all Tech fans to join in unified support.  Annual giving is essential in obtaining a winning combination of athletic and academic excellence. 

Help Us Build Greatness

Premier facilities are crucial to the future strength of athletics, and Tech is committed to providing the best competitive conditions for success. In recent years, philanthropy has made possible the creation of these state-of-the-art facilities:

tennis georgia tech
McCamish Pavillion
Zelnak basketball
GT Football practice facility
The same vision is driving support for projects that are currently underway or in the planning phase.