Giving Societies

Society Members with head baseball coach Danny Hall at the 2021 Society Party.

The Alexander-Tharpe Fund Giving Societies were instituted in the 1980's to give lifelong recognition to donors who have supported Georgia Tech Athletics with significant contributions to specific initiatives, campaigns, or lifetime giving.

Beginning with Athletics Initiative 2020these societies took on a new name to reflect the influences of two great Yellow Jackets - Dr. Homer Rice, 30-year Athletic Director and creator of the Total Person Program, & W. Jack Thompson, 50-year GT employee and fundraiser.


Golden Jackets

This is our highest level of recognition. These donors have made cumulative cash gifts of $1,000,000 to Georgia Tech athletics.
In addition to the benefits listed below for the Homer Rice and Jack Thompson Societies, benefits of being a Golden Jacket include:
  • All ticket assignments and seat location change requests start with this group in priority point order.
  • All parking assignments start with this group in priority point order.
  • A unique Gold GT coat/blazer.
  • Special recognition in game day programs.
  • Special events.
  • Prominent name recognition displayed within the Georgia Tech Athletic Association.

Note: There are instances where a donor can give $1,000,000 via IRA designation/bequest and appoint one person to be a “Golden Jacket.” Please call the A-T office for more information. The contribution component of premium seats and suites, along with TECH Fund gifts, DO NOT count toward this level of recognition.

Golden Jackets

Mrs. Bennie H. (d) & Nelson Abell (d)
Pam & Bob Anclien
Gordon Beckham
Greta & Jeffrey A. Beech
Vance D. Bell
Dick Bergmark
Ms. Kathy T. Betty
Arthur O. Brannen
Hugh W. Brannon (d)
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Brock III
Mr. Joseph Brucella
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Byers, Jr.
Mrs. Lee Edwards Candler (d)
Eugene M. Clary (d)
Rose and Travis Collins
Jacqueline M. (d) & William R. Collins, Jr.
Erin and Karl Dasher
Deannie and Mario de la Guardia
David W. Dorman
Mr. & Mrs. Tom E. DuPree, Jr.
Sandra (d) & Dr. H. Allen Ecker
Jimmy & Michele Etheredge
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Evans
Sheldon & Cindy Fox
Mr. Brian Frank '90
Mr. & Mrs. Gregg Garrett
Diane Tito Griffin & Marvin W. Griffin (d)
Mel & Judy Hall
Libby & Gary Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony H. Kepano
Sybi & Matt Kuchar
Dr. Christopher B. Lofgren
George W. Mathews (d)
John and Janine McKenney
Mrs. Desiree B. (d) & William E. Moore (d)
Lawton M. Nease, III
Mr. & Mrs. Jess Newbern, III
Sheila and Jim Nicol (d)
Kim & Tom Noonan
Mrs. Albert N. Parker
Parker H. "Pete" Petit
Poland Family
Michele & David Rowland
Mrs. Deen Day Sanders
Earl L. Shell, Jr.
Leigh & Mark C. Teixeira
Elizabeth (d) & W. Thomas Towles (d)
Judy & Steve Zelnak
15 Anonymous

Homer Rice Society

Option 1 - A commitment of $500,000 payable in equal annual installments within a five-year period to A-T, and/or

Option 2 - Cumulative cash gifts of $750,000 paid to A-T

Benefits include:
  • Opportunity to pass priority points to one heir
  • Enhanced service (A-T will help with ticket and lodging needs) for most postseason football and basketball events
  • All benefits from Jack Thompson Society

Homer Rice Society

John E. Aderhold
Nona & Jim Bell (d)
Leo Benatar
A. Russell Chandler
Dodie & John B. Chapman, Sr. (d)
Cathy and Tye Darland
Stephen & Angel Deedy
Mr. & Mrs. Justin F. Deedy, Jr.
James R. Dellinger, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Edenfield
Andrew E. Farkas
Mrs. E. L. Fortier (d)
Margaret & Richard Hauenstein
Linda and Raymond E. Helton (d)
Duane L. Hoover
Angie (d) & William Hoyt
Jimmy & Ann Hunt
Mrs. John P. Imlay, Jr.
Lewis H. Jordan
Angie & Samuel T. Kelly
Dale and George Levert
Mr. and Mrs. David M. McKenney
Mark G. Miller
Mark and Marsha Moon
Tim & Robin Norris
Claude A. Petty, Jr. (d)
Olivia Malonda and Johnny Porter
Blair & Tripp Rackley
Kristi & James H. Salter
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Sapitowicz, Jr.
Leslie N. Shade, III
John and Cindy Slaughter
E. Roe Stamps, IV
Tharpe Family
Rod Westmoreland
Maria and Matt Wieters
Dancy H. & Charles S. Wynne

8 Anonymous

‚ÄčJack Thompson Society

Option 1 - A commitment of $125,000 payable in equal annual installments within a five-year period to A-T, and/or

Option 2 - Cumulative cash gifts of $200,000 paid to A-T

Benefits include:
  • Maintaining active status and consecutive years of giving to A-T / GTAA for life of donor.
  • One complimentary priority parking spot for basketball season ticket holders.
  • One complimentary priority parking spot for football season ticket holders.
  • Special events.
  • Annual State of the Athletic Association luncheon with Director of Athletics.
  • Access to great seats and parking via influx of priority points.

Note: The contribution component of premium seats and suites, along with TECH Fund gifts, are not considered in determining Giving Society recognition. Recognition and benefits for all societies are subject to change. 

Jack Thompson Society

Kim & Mark Alexander
Ronald W. Allen
Bobby Joe Anderson
Mike and Andreane Anderson
Janet Anderson
Richard D. Austin
Chuck Averett
Steven R. Baldwin
Patsy & Andy Bargeron
Ms. Kimberly Krabe Schoolcraft
Dr. H. Wade Barnes, Jr.
Jon A. Barry
Kenneth D. Barwick (d)
Beth Beers
Wendy & Ron Bell
Ron H. Bell (d) & Patricia S. Bell
Joseph Bernitt
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Biggers
Sarah Biggers
Ruth Ann & Bob Blackwell
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Boggus, Jr.
Doug and Cate Bogue
G. Niles Bolton
Claude H. Booker (d) & Judy Booker
James R. Borders
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Boren
Bon Building Services, Inc.
Allen. J Brock
Mr. & Mrs. M. Gene Brooks, Jr.
Charles R. Brown
Carey H. Brown
Donna & Larry Brown
Mr. Morris M. Bryan, Jr. (d)
Bryan Family
Morris M. Bryan, III
Helen Bryngelson
Mark & Heather Buffington
R. Steve Buffington
Roy B. Burnette
Dr. John Henry Burson, III
Robert C. Bush
Mr.& Mrs. Roger A. Campbell
R. E. Cannon (d)
J. Randall Carroll
James M. Caswell, Jr. (d)
 Bena Cates & George E. Cates (d)
Thomas G. Cauble
Barbara & Steve Chaddick
Bev & Don Chapman
Lisa & Stewart Cink
James R. Cleveland, Jr.
Cole Family
J. Tom Coleman, Jr. (d)
Geoff and Jennifer Collins
Julie & Phillip Cook
Peggy & Keith Cooley
E. Thomas Coopat, Jr. IM '66
Barry Cox
Carolyn & Bobby Cremins
Rembert T. Cribb
Charles K. "Pete" Cross (d)
Donna & Rich Crutchfield
L. G. Cunningham (d)
Beth & Paul Daffin
E. Ross Daniel
Marc and Patty Dash
Katie Cone Davidson
Robert T. Davis, Jr.(d)
Wink Davis Family
Kathleen Day  (d)
Richard De La Guardia
Hilda de la Guardia
Maria de la Guardia
Demetree Brothers, Inc.
Peter G. Demetriades
Gail Dixon
Patsy & Alan Dorris
Nathan T. Dorris
Dozier Family Limited
Betsy & Gary Draper
Drew Hearn Enterprises, Inc.
Dean Drinkard
Jere Drummond
Jean Duke
George B. Dunbar, Sr. (d)
Cheryl and Daniel Dupree
Ben J. Dyer
Sue & Ken Entrekin
Dr. G. B. Espy
Estate of Tom Huber
Dwight and Sharon Evans
Fred Eyerman
Tom Fanning and Sarah Novascone
Susan D. & W. Daniel Faulk, Jr.
Merry & Don Faulk
Jack Faussemagne
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Ferraro III
Alvin M. Ferst, Jr. (d)
Ms. Emily T. Fletcher McBride
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. Roland W. Fuentes
Stewart and Susan Gantt
Ian Gatland
L. Tom Gay, Jr.
Mary George
Gail & Marion Glover
Bo Godbold
William J. Goldin (d)
Jere W. Goldsmith
Joan & Bill Goodhew
Robert Stan Goodroe
Roger & Connie Greer
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Griffin
Doug Grimm (d)
Jane (d) & Watts Gunn (d)
George Gwaltney
William Terry Hall
Tom and Margaret Hall
Steve and Christy Hall
Judy Hamilton
W. Leon Hardeman
Mr. Robert A. Harley (d)
Mary & Chris Harrell
Bob Harris
Hubert L. Harris, Jr.
Mr. Charles L. Harris
Mr. Hollis L. Harris (d)
Ben and Lucy Harris
Bill and Megan Harris
H. A. Hawkins, Jr.
Dennis C. Hayes
Mr. H. Craig Hayes
Jeannie & Robert J. Haynie, III
Peter & Donna (Taylor) Heffring
Thomas N. Herrington, Jr.
Douglas J. Hertz
Patrick H. Hickok
Neil H. Hightower
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Hiles
Mr. & Mrs. Lansford M. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Brett R. Hitt
Mr. Russell A. Hitt
T. Mark Hodges
Carl and Kathy Hofstadter
Rich and Emmie House
Lawrence P. Huang
John R. Huff
John S. Hunsinger
V. Davis Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. J. Russell Ivie, Sr.
Claire James
Robert P. Jamison
Stephen F. Jensen, PE
J. L. Johnson, III
Paul C. Johnson
Chap Johnston
Jim Jolly
Fred L. Jones
Charles H. Jones
Mr. J. Lamar Jordan (d)
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Kendall
Peter and Sue Kezios
Dr. Aaron L. King, Jr.(d)
Chris Klaus
Whit Knoll
Ralph E. Kytan
John E. Lagana
Andrea L. Laliberte
A. J. Land
Joel and Andrea Langsfeld
Mrs. &  Mrs. James A. Lanier, Jr.
Beth & Larry Lawrence
Richard Lawrence
Julian LeCraw (d)
Betty W. & Robert H. Ledbetter (d)
Jim and Susan Lemon
James F. Letson
Alan Levow
Don Livingston
The Lloyd Family
Don and Rebecca Loggins
H. Hal Long
John and Margaret Long
Mrs. J. Erskine Love, Jr.(d)
Mrs. W. Henry Maddox, III (d)
Wendy & Charles Many
John D. Margeson (d)
John S. Markwalter, Jr.
Steve and Sue Marton
Benton J. Mathis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Matthews (d)
Charlie and Melanie Mauze
J. E. Mayes, Jr. (d)
Scottie Mayfield
Hayne D. McCondichie (d)
W. Andrew McKenna
Mr. & Mrs. David M. McKenney
John & Nora McLean
Dot Mears and Jay Mclendon
Jack McMillan
Bill Mehserle
Constance Miller
Mrs. Bruce H. Milligan
John V. Miner, Jr. (d)
Bud Mingledorff
Wade T. Mitchell
Moran Family Foundation
Charles D. Moseley, Jr.
Robert L. Moultrie, Sr.
Peter J. Mounts
Thomas H. Muller, Jr.
Gerald and Lydia Murphy
Jo Ann & Dan Myers
H. Ronald Nash
Lynn S. & John Alan Neal (d)
Dr. & Mrs. George L. Nemhauser
Ricky and Lisa Novak
James T. Nozar
Bill Oakes
Kelley & Malcolm Oakley
Steven A. Odom
Adele & Robert Ogilvie
George O'Leary
Donald W. Paul
Wesley C. Paxson
Cindy & Morgan Payne
Mr. T. Brooks Pearson (d)
Larry & Sharon Pearson
Blake and Mary Peck
Debbie K. Percy
David and Bonnie Perdue
Bob and Christina Pinkerton
Dorothy G. (d) & James P. Poole (d)
Dee & Jim Pope
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Price
Martha & J. Neal Purcell
Paul and Elizabeth Puryear
The Quigley Family
Peter and Michelle Quinones
Claudia L. & Paul Raines (d)
Patti & Dean Reeves
Jessica & Christopher Reichart
Carl J. Reith (d)
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Reynolds
Karen & Homer Rice
Tim Rice
Vicki Riles
Cindy & Rick Robbins
Kenneth A. Roberts
Pat & Allen Robertson
Mr. E. Claiborne Robins Jr.
J. William Robinson (d)
Michael & Candace Rooney
Glenn A. Rosen
Jim and Jana Rowe
Bruce and Betty Rutherford
Skeet Rymer (d)
James and Kristi Salter
Mike & Cindy Samples
Russell and Robin Sanders
Nancy & Bill Sandidge
Julian D. Saul
Mr. Charles E. Sawyer (d)
Catherine & Gus Scheffer
Alta  & Todd W. Schlemmer
Mr. Ryan A. Schneider & Jennifer B. Tourial
Tom & Deborah Schnetzer
Phillip J. Scott
Bob Seldomridge
Simit Shah
The Shailendra Family
Danny R. Shepherd
J. Harold Shepherd (d)
Shepherd Construction Company
Richard D. (Dick) Shirk
Jack & Jennifer Shriver
Lester T. Simerville (d)
John Simmons, Jr.
Reid W. Simmons
Allan Boyd Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark V. Smith
George F. Smith, Jr. (d)
John E. Smith, II
Mr. J. Frank Smith, Jr. (d)
V. Hawley Smith, Jr.
T. Smith
Joy & Woody Snell
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Somoza
Michael & Gina Spears
Mark and Tonya Spivey
Karen & Todd Stansbury
Jill W. Stanton Walker
Dick and Malinda Steed
Bob & Lynn Stein
Mr. John H. Stembler (d)
Thomas W. Stephens
Heidi & Jeffrey T. Stephens
Amy and Tim Stephens
Stephanie & Jeb Stewart
E. Chester Stokes, Jr.
G. W. Stradtman, Jr. (d)
B. G. Stumberg, Jr. (d)
T. Stephen Johnson (d) & Julie S. Johnson
Andrew Kirk Susong
Richard S. Swanson
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard W. Taylor, III
R. Joe Taylor
Ted & Rosalind Tedards
Howard T. Tellepsen, Jr.
James H. Terry, II
Frank R. Tetterton
John "Wink" Tharpe
Mrs. Marie Faulk Thomas
Ken & Janice Townsend
Sandi & Moe Trebuchon
Melba & Al Trujillo
Mrs. Hal B. Tucker (d)
Eddie Turner
W. David Turner
Eddie W. Turner
G. Ben Turnipseed
David and Sally Tyndall
Liz & Ben Utt
Ronald A. Veith
Chris Verlander
Albert O. Waldon (d)
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Wallace, Jr.
Elizabeth Wallace (d)
Lillian & Rhett Ward
Susan Sappington Ward
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Wardlaw, Jr. (d)
Turner Warmack
Carlton B. Waskey (d)
Randy Watkins
J. Tom Watters, Jr.
Joseph Robert Watters
Thad W. Watters
Courtney and Stephen Weitzel
John R. Wells
Mr. Charles B. West (d)
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Whisenhunt
Ed and Marlene White
W. Ashley Whitehurst, Jr.
Mrs. Trudy Whitehurst - Robbs
Randolph Whitfield (d)
Donnie (d) & Ethelene Whittle (d)
Cherie & Greg Wilkes
James M. Wilkins (d)
Frank S. Wilkinson (d) & Eleanor Wilkinson
Buzz Willett
LaMae S. & James R. Williams, Jr.
Dr. Sidney E. Williams (d)
Ansley Williams
Bill and Courtney Williams
Paul H. Williams (d)
Robert and Lori Williams
Williams Family Foundation of Virginia Corp.
William L. Willis (d)
Mrs. Mary Y. Wilson
Marshall D. Wingo
Tom and Dian Winingder
Lynn & K. Brent Woodruff, III
Robert L. Worley
Gardner Wright, Jr. (d)
Joe and Ann Wright
P. Dan Yates, Jr. (d)
Vincent T. Zarzaca
Jack M. Zeigler (d)
Zell Enterprises
Amelia & Brent Zelnak
42 Anonymous