Investment returns from endowed funds provide a source of income in perpetuity for student-athlete scholarships, coaching and administrative positions, and sports programs. All donations go directly to support resources benefiting current student-athletes through scholarships, mission-based activity, and discretionary improvements.  Growth in the following areas allows other GTAA revenues to be distributed to additional areas of need.

Scholarship Endowments

An athletic scholarship to Georgia Tech enables a young man or woman to match the full development of his or her potential with the mastery of a challenging academic major at a distinguished university. Such a scholarship allows coaches to recruit elite student-athletes nationally as they seek those special individuals who will thrive at Georgia Tech.

Program Endowments

Similar to named dean's chairs and school chairs at the Institute, naming a coaching or leadership position creates a lasting family legacy and an endowment that provides annual income for program support, ensuring that Georgia Tech attracts and retains the very best talent.