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William Alexander
William A. Alexander
Mercer McCall Tharpe and Bobby Dodd
Mercer McCall Tharpe and Bobby Dodd

The Alexander-Tharpe Fund (A-T) is a division of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association (GTAA) and serves as the primary fundraising department to support student-athletes. This support includes financial assistance in the form of scholarships, program support, and facilities improvements.

Established in 1949, A-T honors Coach William A. Alexander and Mercer McCall “Mack” Tharpe, a Georgia Tech football player and assistant coach killed in World War II.


"I think the school has found a nice balance. That's one of the reasons I support the Alexander-Tharpe Fund. I think it allows us to continue to develop young men and women who can excel in business, because if you can handle the rigors of what they have to go through as an athlete and the academics, it's pretty impressive. Heck, those are the people I'd like to hire."

- John Wells, IM '84, Jack Thompson Society Member

Giving Societies

A-T’s Giving Societies honor and thank our donors who help advance GTAA through generous financial support.

Annual Giving

When you give unrestricted annual gifts to the A-T fund, you earn exclusive benefits based on your giving level.

A-T Priority Points

The A-T Priority Points system promotes fairness, and creates new opportunities for our longtime supporters.

2023 Giving Priorities

Our four key areas: Athletic Scholarship Fund, Athletic Director's Initiative, Scholarship and Program Endowments.