Scholarship Endowments

An athletic scholarship to Georgia Tech enables a young man or woman to match the full development of his or her potential with the mastery of a challenging academic major at a distinguished university. Such a scholarship allows coaches to recruit elite student-athletes nationally as they seek those special individuals who will thrive at Georgia Tech.

Endowed scholarship funds help provide the resources necessary to attract talented student-athletes to Georgia Tech in perpetuity.  An endowment fund may be named for the donor of for someone the donor choose to honor.  In addition to establishing a Tech legacy, donors are recognized in the following ways: 

Non-sport-specific and Unrestricted Scholarships

Bruce H. Milligan Athletic
Jeremy Greenwald, Isiah Willis, and Kate (Townsend) Young
Jay Shoop Athletic Training
Harrison Cowart
Aaron L. King, Jr. Athletic Training
Ciandra "Cici" Calhoun
Caviness Athletic Trainers
Rachel McPherson
​Walter H. Dunn Marketing Internship
Mary and Bill Poland Athletic
Robert E. Pinkerton Athletic