GT Letterwinners Club

The GT Letterwinners Club stands for “Athletes Helping Athletes - A Family for Life”.

We share the common bond of excelling in both our sport competition and the classroom. We are not merely athletes but student-athletes. Earning a Letter from the Georgia Institute of Technology is an honor not effortlessly achieved.


​Letterwinners Club Benefits

  • Immediate Club admission upon matriculation of Georgia Tech - non dues paying

  • 20% discount on the purchase of two season tickets for any sport

  • Invitation to at least one all-inclusive Letterwinner event each year

  • Private tailgate for home football games

  • Access to purchase season tickets to the Letterwinners Lounge for home football games (based on availability)

  • Invitation to sport-specific events

  • Quarterly e-newsletter

  • Complimentary auto window decal

  • Professional networking opportunities

What We Do

We raise scholarship funds for current Georgia Tech athletes through the GT Letterwinners Club Scholarship Endowment Fund.

We provide opportunities for one another.

We serve our community and fellow Letterwinners.

We connect/reconnect through several organized events throughout the year.

The GT Letterwinners club is the place for Letterwinners to network, and connect with, reach out to, and support fellow members of the Letterwinners Family.

Download Annual Letter from GTLWC Director and President

The mission of the Georgia Tech Letterwinners Club is to make each student-athlete a lifetime member of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association (GTAA) family. Our focus is on responding to the needs and opportunities of the student-athlete, the Athletic Association, and alumni Letterwinners. We support our family members through every phase of the athletic life cycle. We strive to advance the Tech tradition of the pursuit of excellence in all of our activities.

"Athletes Helping Athletes — A Family for Life"