Fiscal Year 2022 Priorities

The following are our top priorities for the balance of FY22:  





» Athletic Scholarship Fund

The 2021-22 academic year has seen the GTAA face numerous unknowns, and with that uncharted territory has come significant financial challenges. Support for the Athletic Scholarship Fund is needed now more than ever as the resources needed will grow in the coming years due to student-athletes returning for extra eligibility. 

» Athletic Director's Initiative Fund

As the 2021 year takes shape, it remains important that Georgia Tech Athletics has the ability to be nimble and react quickly to an ever-changing landscape. Unrestricted gifts to the Athletic Director's Initiative Fund can be used at the discretion of the Director of Athletics to address unexpected critical needs as they arise.

In any given year, a number of improvements outside the scope of standard operations can be made immediately to support innovation and excellence in Georgia Tech's athletic programs. The AD's Initiative Fund also gives the Director of Athletics the flexibility to address these needs in real time.

» Head Coach Endowment

Similar to named dean's chairs and school chairs at the Institute, naming a coaching or leadership position creates a lasting family legacy and an endowment that provides annual income for program support, ensuring that Georgia Tech attracts and retains the very best talent.

» Scholarship Support

An athletic scholarship to Georgia Tech enables a young man or woman to match the full development of his or her potential with the mastery of a challenging academic major at a distinguished university. Such a scholarship allows coaches to recruit elite student-athletes nationally as they seek those special individuals who will thrive at Georgia Tech.